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Published: 05th June 2011
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Why Holiday in France?

It is sad to say that many people simply bypass France when thinking of holiday destinations, deciding that as it is merely a hop across the pond it simply isn't exotic enough.

Well I for one, feel a need to defend a beautiful, sumptuous and historically rich country which so many fail to recognise. The question is, how can the sight of one of the many haunting Loire Valley Chateaux not provoke in people a sense of awe and a majestic era now lost? How can the thick smell of Burgundy and the strong creamy flavour of camembert no longer excite out senses? Where has the love of all things natural and simple to our tastes gone?

Shall we really be the generation who abandons the beauty of the French Countryside for the crass and, quite frankly, filthy surroundings of a cheap twenties holiday resort that still smells of rancid beer the next morning?

I say no! We must rediscover France and all the splendours it holds within it's borders. Cycle the roads of Normandy, visit the long empty Loire Valley Chateaux, taste the sweet and heady vineyard wines, walk the stretches of golden sand on the Cote d'Azur or eat the grilled rouget of Provence.

Dominique has been the collector of many fine holiday villas and Chataeux, serving the holiday community for over twenty five years. With a specific check-list to ensure eligible villas are thoroughly vetted, it means that holidaymakers only see and stay in the best of what France can offer.

With a respected and most of all trusted service that not only provides a beautiful place for you to holiday but also inside information on the areas you are visiting, with hundreds of articles to view ensuring you enjoy everything you can while in France, it is no wonder that Dominique has clients holidaying with her year after year.

These are a few of the reasons to pick Dominique's holiday villas:

Our unique hand-picked collection of around 160 French holiday villas and châteaux in France is simply the best.

We have 25 years' experience as a French specialist allowing us to provide the best holiday villas and châteaux in France.

We offer unbeatable first-hand knowledge of France thanks to our passion for the country.

All of our French holiday villas have their own private pools (except a few close to a beach).

We guarantee 100% financial protection
Once your holiday is booked it is fully protected against currency fluctuation.

Our personal service is friendly, conscientious and completely reliable.

So what are we all waiting for?

Visit: now to find out more about how a holiday with Dominique's Villas can transform you life.

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